Session #1

Attendees: Matt, Erik, JO, Adam, Scott

  • The first session of Kingmaker started off with character building.
  • Matt chose a Summoner, no a Sorceror, no wait a Summoner (named Ptolemy). Much was spoken about his eidolon.
  • Adam hemmed and hawed between a wizard or a ranger. He decided on a wizard (named Salen) with a dinosaur familiar. Time will tell if that was a wise choice.
  • Peggy chose a Cleric (named Pruvale).
  • Eric chose a Magus (named Nathaniel or ‘Nate’ to his friends).
  • JO kept his character secret until the end. He chose a melee-focused Oracle (named Pravda) with big arms and an even bigger bardiche.
  • After the characters were built and the party introduced, we set off on a bit of adventuring.
  • The party was given their charters (a.k.a “License to kill”) from the Swordlords to map and explore the area within the Stolen Lands known as the Greenbelt. Much was made about their power to execute bandits with sword or rope.
  • The party made its way to Oleg’s Trading Post with little trouble.
  • They introduced themselves to Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, the co-owners/operators of Oleg’s Trading Post.
  • The Levetons explained their plight to the party. Their goods were being regularly stolen by a group of cruel bandits.
  • The party agreed to deal with the bandits when they were expected next (i.e. the next day).
  • The party planned an ambush for the bandits.
  • The following day, the bandits arrived on schedule, and the party sprang their trap to good effect.
  • Four bandits arrived, three were quickly killed and the fourth was captured and charmed.
  • The party got the general location of the bandit camp from their prisoner.
  • That’s where we stopped.

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